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Are mooncakes being over-packaged nowadays?

What I have learnt from buying mooncakes for my in-laws is that they look at the box first, followed by the brand, then the mooncakes.

Francis Liou

Over-the-top packaging means nothing to me. Got one mooncake with over-the-top packaging... so high tech. Tasted the mooncake... such poor quality.

Arshana Kishnan

Maybe offer options to buy mooncakes sans the pretty box? If I were getting them as gifts, the box is a nice touch, but for personal consumption, all that matters is the stuff inside.

Eileen Liow

It's a supply/demand thing. If consumers are willing to pay, then there's nothing wrong with it.

As a matter of fact, because the boxes are so nicely designed, they can usually be reused for storage or other purposes.

Jessica Choo-Tan

Do it the traditional way... wrap in waxed paper like bak kwa.

Terence Lim

Will enough drivers agree to pick up strangers for a national carpooling movement to succeed?

I am personally sick of my commute through the expressway jams before and after work. Long stretches of highway, jam-packed with cars that carry only a single passenger. Connecting poolers and riders is essential to smoother roads, lower carbon footprint and more affordable rides.

Brian Chiong

That question hinges on whether the rider will treat other people's cars with respect like they would treat their own car.

Stanford Lee

Should Singapore celebrate its centenarians?

It would be better to take care of the old once they reach a certain age, say 75, by providing free daily meals and medical check-ups. There is no point waiting till they reach 100.

Allan Tan

It is not how long you live, it is the quality of the life that counts.

Peter Tan

Priority treatments from all services for them.

Ah Kee Kee

Should some schools teach certain subjects in Mandarin?

Schools and libraries should work out interesting programmes such as literacy programmes for kids.

Kok Mei Hui

No. People are already speaking Mandarin by choice in the workplace - leaving out their colleagues who do not speak the language. Let's just make people more fluent in a common language so we can all communicate better.

Nafeesa Docura

Chinese is best taught using an arts and culture approach. On a trip to China, the children loved listening to the history behind the places we visited. They might not be able to understand everything but they were definitely more engaged.

Lisa Justine

The only way to improve our mother tongue is to read books written in the language. Everyone should set aside an hour a day for reading with their children.

Syed Ali Semait

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