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Should the rebate offered for off-peak cars be raised?

Yes, but it should be in percentage... With the certificate of entitlement (COE) price at the current level, a $17,000 rebate is almost negligible.

Reddy Busker

If curbing car population growth is the main purpose, then there should not be carrots dangled for more buyers, regardless of whether they are for off-peak cars or not.

Peter Tan

The real issue is COE price... the Government should really restrict it to one car per family nucleus. In this way, a family who really needs a car can afford one.

Rohani Khairuddin

What cause-related events should Singapore bring in, and how can they benefit our nation?

I would like to see more green causes. Singapore's small size makes it a good place for small-scale experimentation of green tech.

Dare Chia

Yes, all Singapore universities should have a motto, as it helps staff and students to have and work towards a goal.

Dominic Lau

Mottos are... more suitable for primary and secondary schools, where there are more structured curricula and more opportunities to inculcate desirable traits.

See Yi Xiang

Teaching students to learn effectively is better than investing in a motto.

Muhd Uzair Bin Hassan

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