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Should there be rules against businesses poaching staff from competitors? How can the interests of clients be protected in such cases?

So firms can fire their employees when the company isn't doing well but employees cannot jump ship when they see better opportunities elsewhere?

Benedict Chong

The issue is not with poaching but, rather, how the company whose staff is being poached deals with its clients. People have a right to pursue better pastures.

Wesley Lee

If you pay them well and give them good benefits, you think they will run? If the company perks are good, nobody will jump ship.

Khairul Ibn Abdul Rashid

Poaching is unhealthy. Firms invest heavily in their staff. One way is to have an enforceable restricted covenant. However, the best solution is for employers to make it attractive for staff to stay.

Sangha Vandana


Is pragmatism a good or bad thing when it comes to youth volunteering?

It's survival of the fittest - an accumulation of desirable qualities, be it academic or social capital.

We can talk about improving the lives of others and the nation when we have managed to secure a stable career, when we won't need to live hand to mouth.

Ultimately, I wouldn't call it a "me-first attitude". But practicality will always supersede.

Let's all strive to have "win-win" attitudes.

Aidan Ong Zong Ren

Will freebies and discounts be successful in getting people to use fewer plastic bags? Should stiffer measures be used instead?

In Germany, supermarkets do not give out free plastic bags, they charge you a dollar if you want to buy their reusable bag. It is potent enough to make me take my own bag down.

Indulekshmi Rajeswari

Perhaps they can try to reduce usage, for example by giving out only one plastic bag per receipt.

Audrey Ho

Make biodegradable plastic bags easily accessible. Charge for plastic bags and give stamps to customers who use recyclable bags, that can be exchanged for promotional items.

Mabell Ong

Simply charge 10 cents a bag. Alaska and several European nations have done this.

Neil Bailey

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