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Should aids like blind-spot mirrors and warning signs be put up along walkways to prevent accidents between pedestrians and personal mobility device (PMD) users?

Mirrors and signs aren't going to prevent accidents. One just has to be mindful of one's surroundings. Take responsibility for one's own safety.

David Chow

It does not help when people's eyes are glued to their phones.

Uwe Tan

As long as cyclists and PMD users are not traceable for liability, no amount of mirrors will help.

Gan Wee Boon

Is there scope for humans and robots to work hand in glove?

Doctors, nurses and other allied healthcare workers are still needed for psychological and emotional responses from patients. Whether in treatment or lifestyle support, robots will not be substitutes for human communication.

Prakaash Govindasamy

Robots should be put in places where there's a shortage of labour. Robots are meant to increase efficiency and productivity. The effectiveness of robots depends on their accuracy.

Kok Mei Hui

Humans and robots are already working hand in glove. What is new is that the robots are getting smaller, smarter and cheaper, and we see them more often.

Loh Wai Poon

Do you think the "healthier choice" label has become unclear and meaningless?

It is meaningful to the extent that it justifies your selection, compared to a similar product without the healthier choice label.

Harry Chia

Healthier choice means they are not the healthiest among all but not the worst either.

Peter Tan

Just don't bother. Eat and drink whatever you like and enjoy, but moderate your consumption.

Sangha Vandana

Is there a lack of community effort in helping people with dementia? How can the public get involved in supporting these people?

People need to know how to help, but you have to be considerate in not loading any single civil agency, while balancing and protecting the rights and privacy of these individuals and protecting them from abuse. I'd rather trust civil agencies and institutions which will protect the individual, than the general public.

Christina Teh

Use RFID technology and tag everyone's info onto their hand. Serves as passport too and can contain medical records. Dementia patients found can just be scanned and identified.

Chua Wee Kirk

Provide, free of charge, a bracelet with family contact details, phone numbers, address and so on.

Kevin J O'Reilly

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