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What do young people need to know when they enter the workplace? How can they prepare themselves for the office environment?

Failure happens, even if you have been trained and even if you prepare. So learn from failure. I think our young have been successful in school because we prepare them well for exams. We train people to think that once you are prepared and trained, you will succeed.

William Seah

Stay humble and be open to advice/suggestion at work. Do not think you are a know-it-all just because you have a degree.

Jonathan Sim

The world doesn't revolve around you. Have good ethics and earn respect. Don't expect everything to be given to you. Have initiative and integrity.

Catherine Tan EK

Find meaning in the job and you will want to always do your best. Think positive and be a positive influence on your colleagues. If you don't find meaning in your job, leave it and find something else.

Mark Matthew Njo

Does it make a difference if helplines are manned by volunteers or full-time staff? How can those in crisis be given better help?

How to recruit full-timers to man the hotline? Even commercial organisations are facing the challenge.

Pauline Low

Shouldn't the Government be funding, staffing and training those manning these helplines in the first place?

Sp Fairley

Be it full time or volunteer, the person's passion to help and ability to give proper advice is the most important issue.

Iris Loh

Perhaps the Samaritans of Singapore could consider paying a token sum for the hours spent engaging with callers?

Francis Liou

It is the mindset of the person that is more important. In fact, volunteers are more committed, as they feel for it, whereas full-time staff are doing it for a living and not necessarily out of passion.

Wong Choon

Why are efforts to "Keep Singapore Clean" not working? Should the Government take tougher action?

The main issues are two: First, there's a lack of bins around... and many find it troublesome to go around looking for one to throw their rubbish into. Second, lack of enforcers/the authorities.

Steven Goh Robo

Since we are having difficulty employing cleaners, don't fine litterbugs; just let them sweep the floor under their block, plus clean tables at all the hawker centres and coffee shops for one year. The wages they earn must be donated to the poor.

Jess Sim

Perhaps it is because people know that there'll always be someone picking up after them. Having a sense of pride in one's country and surroundings will help in keeping littering low.

Theo De Roza

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