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Should housing rights be equal for all, regardless of marital status?

As long as the Government's stand on promoting family remains unchanged, restriction on singles owning subsidised flats must continue.

Loh Wai Poon

It should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. We need to honour the sanctity of marriage but we also can't leave single parents high and dry.

Sherley Servos

Trends are changing, with fewer marriages, more divorces, acceptance of single parenthood and so on... The definition of a family will change over time, and so should laws pertaining to the rights of the citizens.

Leonard Lpy

The world does not revolve around marriage, but rather love, and a child benefits from being in a loving unit that supports and nurtures his development. Single parents deserve the same rights as married couples. To say otherwise is to discriminate not only against the parent but also against the child.

Barry Smyth

Why are children not belted up in cars? How can we drive home the message on the dangers of this?

We are mature enough to think for ourselves. The information is out there for all to read and understand. If one decides that belting up is not important, that's his/her own decision.

Woon Kok Keong

Hefty fines and demerit points.That's how seriously they take it in countries like Australia and New Zealand. If you love and treasure your children, don't put them at risk.

Swee Png

Do you agree that the high prevalence of plastic bag use is because Singaporeans are reusing the bags for their household waste?

Just imagine if we don't have plastic bags to reuse as rubbish bags, and everyone throws everything down the chute; we will have problems with cockroaches and rats.

Lester Tatekura

I believe it is the frivolous use of plastic for the sake of convenience that is the problem. I notice bakeries wrap every single bun in a plastic bag that is too small to be reused. How many plastic bags are thrown away each year because of this practice?

Adeline Chong Albrecht

The problem is not with plastic bags used to bag rubbish. They get incinerated and produce some electricity. The problem is with those plastic bags that are thrown away indiscriminately and end up in drains, beaches and the sea.

Uwe Tan

Why isn't there a move for big companies and supermarkets to make biodegradable bags? FairPrice bags have become so thin over the years that cashiers often double-bag, for fear of the bag tearing.

Patricia Rozario

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