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Does going cashless mean more impulsive spending? How can those at risk of financial mismanagement be protected?

I don't like going cashless because I don't have the habit of keeping track of my spending. I allow myself to carry $30 to work each day, and at the end of the day, if I have any balance, I will save it.

Jess Sim

Safeguards, like a limit on spending per day, can be implemented. For the younger ones who spend above a certain stipulated amount, their parents can be alerted.

Harry Chia

The new generation will never know the true value of money, as they no longer experience what it is like to have real cash in their hands. We will have more people going bankrupt due to overspending and not having any idea how much money they actually have on hand.

Wilson Koh

Just as there are savings accounts and current accounts, have a "daily account", where there can be "automatic top up" for the daily account only.

Keegan Kang

Wouldn't these questions have come up when we started using credit cards? How have we coped with irresponsible spending? It is actually easier to spend impulsively on a much higher credit limit than with the restrictions set up on your cashless e-wallet.

Terrie Tan

Should households be allowed to share maids? What are the pros and cons of having such a scheme?

Different family, different rules will make the maid confused, and in the end, it is still the maid who suffers. Please consider the maid's feelings too.

Dian Velanch

This is open to abuse unless workers know their rights and such arrangements are officially recorded to protect everyone involved.

Chang Seng Hock

This is a good initiative, with the maid's agreement. Timetables can be worked out and the working hours agreed upon to ensure the maid is not overworked. This is especially good for smaller households.

Grace Lim

The maid should be confined to one family only. For example, my maid is employed to look after my 87-year-old mum. It would be good if she is allowed to help my sister in washing and cleaning once a week, with some allowance.

Wendy Ho

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