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Will incentives help get people to change their behaviour in the fight against diabetes?

Make things like brown rice cheaper than white rice, and possibly make it mandatory to serve it in schools. Also, maybe have stallholders go through a quick seminar on how to prepare healthy meals that taste good.

Vivian Liew

Give incentives to the coffee stalls to change their practice and make customers add their own sugar and condensed milk to drinks. When customers add their own sugar, they will know how much actually goes into their coffee and tea, and will likely reduce the amount.

Koh Kheng Wah

While incentives do help, they should not be the only motivator. It will take time to change the mindset of getting into a healthy lifestyle... and to see the results. Just as with most other issues, there is a need for a multi-pronged approach.

Steven Goh Robo

People tend to be more stubborn as they grow older. Cultivated eating habits are not easy to change. Proper eating should be inculcated from a young age.

Paul Kou

You should not give incentives for people to exercise. Everyone has a choice as to whether they want to be responsible for their own health and take care of their body.

Encouragement and education may or may not get the message through to everyone, but at least it is better than nothing. Everyone should decide for themselves whether they want to take their health seriously or not.

Peter Tan

What prevents the elderly from eating well? How can we ensure they get proper nourishment?

As people age, they eat less, and simple food is enough for meals. It is not about affordability; even if you give them good food, they wouldn't eat everything or finish it up. Many elderly people end up malnourished without knowing it.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

They have gone through hardships and won't spend much on food. They eat lower-priced food, which is unhealthy. They can't bear to throw away leftover food, but reheat it and eat it. It is about quantity instead of quality for them, which is not so good.

Sally Hw

Everyone would like to eat well and stay healthy, but for those living hand to mouth, nutrition is not a priority, especially among the poor elderly.

Aaron Tan

Everyone in Singapore knows that the cost of food is high. Healthy drinks and food will be even more costly. Make arrangements for the elderly to have healthy food and supplements. This will keep them healthy and cut down the cost of medical care.

Bert Fern

With so much publicity and talk of health problems caused by food, many elderly people refrain from eating too much and avoid the frequently mentioned "bad" food.

There is a change of attitude towards healthy living and eating habits to prevent medical problems. I don't think that there is a major nutrition problem among elderly people in Singapore.

James Wang

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