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How can foodcourt patrons be encouraged to share tables? Should they ignore items placed by others to "chope" the space?

I'd say deploy a lookout. His job will be to notify incoming patrons if there are seats available. He will also remove all tissue packs, umbrellas or company passes used to "chope" seats.

Achmad Sobirin

All seats should be first come, first served to avoid unnecessary argument or fights over them.

David Ng

Isn't it more productive for a group to chope seats and get food and finish eating all at the same time? If one to two of them stay behind to reserve the seats, the group ends up hogging the table even longer.

Janine Karen

Bought the food and can't find a seat... do you expect me to carry my food tray and go round and round?

Patrick Ng

Is it better to have a football team especially for youth players or to have the clubs nurture these young talents? What are the pros and cons of these options?

Better to force clubs to field at least three under-21 players than to have the Young Lions bashed at every match.

Xiao Ming

What we need is for young footballers to have more experienced players who can guide them.

Samuel Choong

Nothing much seems to have been done to groom or attract talents to the sport, be it local or foreign. It speaks volumes about the support given to Singapore football, and sports in general here.

Abdul Aziz Mohamed Faizal

Maybe forcing the coaches of the Young Lions to scout and call up players from different clubs to form a "national team" will ensure the best talents are selected and not just those who are already on their radar.

Mohamad Syahid Arif

Will having more hawker stalls selling healthy food induce people to shift away from typical hawker food and eat healthier?

Educate people about healthy eating, let them make their choices, and, thereafter, vendors/hawkers will refine their food and beverage offerings according to market demand.

Gabe Chong

Best is to have home-cooked food. Then, one takes control of what to eat. Food like fried Hokkien prawn noodle, chicken rice, fried kway teow... how to have them healthier? Taste will be different.

Karen L NG

I want my char kway teow, laksa, kway chap and everything else. Please don't mess with my food... it's all about moderation.

Nicholas Heng

Food is only one small part of a healthy lifestyle. Stress, exercise, drinking plenty of water and sleep - all these factors add to a healthy and happier lifestyle.

Alan Lee

Should there be a minimum age requirement to use e-scooters? What other rules should there be?

The licensing of e-bikes and the display of registration plates should be extended to e-scooters as well. This would encourage riders to exercise consideration and safety as they could be identified by the registration plate.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Ban all e-scooters from footpaths and pavements, which are meant for pedestrians. These riders do not possess a licence and insurance. They are going too fast, sometimes recklessly. It is too dangerous as there are children and old people moving around.

Alex Wee

Ultimately, the Land Transport Authority should enforce the rules and regulations on the usage.

Jeffrey Pay

There is a group of e-scooter enthusiasts trying their hardest to educate riders on proper etiquette when scooting, but there are only so many people we can reach out to. We can only lower risks, not totally negate it.

Every mode of transport has got black sheep - bicycles, kick scooters, in-line skates, cars and motorbikes. But we don't stop using any of them. So what's different about e-scooters?

Virusz Xu

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