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A writer suggests installing more water coolers along the streets so that people will get into the habit of drinking plain water instead of sugary drinks. Would this work?

This should be done, of course. All malls and, maybe, every bus stop and MRT station should have it. It should also be made mandatory for every restaurant to serve regular water free of charge.

Rahul Nahar

Singapore is fortunate. Our tap water is drinkable, so accessibility is not the problem. There can be a drinking fountain anywhere.

Adrian Djong

I would rather have plain mineral water vending machines, to prevent abuse. Some idiots may spit or wash their legs in a water cooler.

Edwaard Tan

No. There are microbiological hazards. It is difficult to ensure proper use of the water coolers. Some drink directly from the tap (saliva contact), some rinse their mouth and so on. There could be cross-contamination from users' poor personal hygiene. Poor cleaning and the failure to replace filters frequently can be hazardous too.

Mei Mei

Should schools hold cycling lessons for students? What would students need to learn?

My sons learnt cycling the same way I did - with their parents... It is meaningless to be parents if we expect everything to be taught in school.

Emily Leong

Teaching cycling is an unnecessary added burden for the school. Any injury, big or small, will give parents a chance to complain and ask for compensation. Teachers are doing a good but tough job. Don't add to their difficulties!

Teong Man

It may not be practical to teach a class of children how to cycle in school. This is best left to parents who can get a bicycle and impart the skills to their children. What schools can do is impart road safety awareness for pedestrians and knowledge on safe cycling to the children.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Students could also learn defensive riding, how to shift one's weight when going downhill or uphill, basics of tyre pressure for traction and comfort, as well as how to choose, adjust and wear a helmet properly.

Theo De Roza

It is important to teach road safety rules and skills if we want them to cycle on the road. There are too many cyclists who are unaware of how to keep themselves safe while cycling on the road and how not to endanger pedestrians on the walkway/void deck.

Elaine Lim

I believe all students need to learn not only to be good cyclists, but also, first and foremost, how to behave as a good pedestrian, like keeping left while using the pathway and also not using the mobile phone, headphones and so on.

Tay Yong Hong

Good initiative, rather than sending them for enrichment classes, tuition and make-up lessons. In addition to cycling, we can also add swimming lessons.

Palani Vellu

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