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Do you prefer your children to use cash or cashless payment?

If tapping a card becomes a habit, there will be no control over their spending. Let them cultivate the habit of knowing how to manage cash and where the money comes from before they go cashless. Otherweise, they may think that the card will never run out of money, which is a big lie.

Shirley Woon

I think cash is better for primary school children. They learn to count their money and get the right change, or is that skill now redundant?

Chiu Wen Shan

I wonder if the concept of thriftiness or frugality can be effectively taught if money becomes a number on a screen.

Pow Shiyong

The world is changing to cashless and today's children need to be ready for tomorrow. It is pointless for them to count cash because there is no use for it when they grow up.

Harish R's

I prefer to have a mix. Some cash for basic necessities and cashless for emergencies.

Neo Ren Jie

I don't trust electronic transmission as yet. Hacking is so prevalent.

HK Cheam

Does being in a private space mean one can do anything one wishes to? How can we balance having freedom at home with being considerate to neighbours?

The boundaries of your personal space are defined by its effects on your neighbours, for example, noise and air pollution. If you aren't allowed to blast loud music out of your house at 2am, why are you allowed to smoke on your balcony, where the cigarette smoke goes all over your neighbourhood?

Umm Yusof

Second-hand smoke is harmful - this is a fact. In this case, someone's private enjoyment of smoking is causing harm, since the smoke emitted by the smoker invades another person's private space. To resolve this, both HDB and private developers should seriously evaluate the demand for no-smoking properties by non-smokers who do not want to put their health in jeopardy.

Teck Koon Lim

Have common sense, compromise and have consideration.

Ismail Saliha Aidan Aqil

Some are impossible to please, while others are downright inconsiderate... both extremes destroy the peace of neighbours.

Eirene Khean Cheng Wee

Like a double-sided mirror. If you expect your neighbours to be considerate, do the same.

Angie Ng

Should children use fitness apps that monitor their weight? How can they develop a healthy lifestyle without becoming obsessed with their body image?

Food, weight and chronic illnesses are all interlinked... all these apps may help but eating in moderation is the key. Everyone wants to look good, but we must be realistic with what we want.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Do you agree that how a city is designed can influence healthy living? What kind of features could encourage people to get more physically active?

Yes. More features like parks and green activity spaces could be added near and around housing estates.

Theo De Roza

Plenty of greenery is good. Good for the environment.

Lai Yin Lee

Start by moving parks to the top of high buildings, and link them up. The breeze makes it cooler for exercising or hanging out at all times of the day.

Robbin Poh

On the one hand, we are encouraged to take more steps each day. On the other hand, we have to watch out for deadly e-bikers and scooters. Confusion?

Li Ling

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