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What makes a Singaporean?

Having a pink IC makes you a citizen, but to defend the country against its adversaries makes you a wholehearted Singaporean.

- Ezra Kurniawan

To be Singaporean is to always question our national identity yet, deep down, know that it is an unspeakable feeling which binds us as one people.

- Vasellia Sarmathy

A writer has suggested a boycott of palm oil products to motivate the oil palm sector to stop burning forests. Will this resolve the haze problem?

Boycotting palm oil products here will not change mindsets towards land clearing by burning.

Our market is just too small to have any significant impact.

- Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

We need to educate people so that they will be aware of which products to avoid.

Public awareness should be increased so that pressure can be put on the companies responsible for the haze.

- Nicholas Tay

Is there enough adherence to safety regulations at construction sites?

The notion of safety in the eyes of the public may not be accurate, and tip-offs may increase the frequency of construction companies dealing with the authorities over false alarms.

Instead of empowering the public on such matters, increased frequency of audits should ensure construction companies are kept on their toes.

- Lester Lam

In what ways can political candidates who do not get elected to Parliament still serve the people?

They can do more charity work and proactively engage the people.

- Nick Tan

If they are serious about running for that constituency again, they could hold their own meet-the-people sessions...

If they could look into the welfare and appeals of the needy and less educated, that would be one huge achievement.

- Carol Ng

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