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Are environmental factors to blame for the sharp rise in the number of cancer cases? How can Singaporeans keep the disease at bay?

Other than obvious factors, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, there are so many other factors that cause cancer... 

You can try your best to take care of your body but, ultimately, it is not up to you to prevent cancer from happening. 

Mark Sara 

Singaporeans stress ourselves out too much. It can lead to a loss of immunity, allowing gene mutations to accumulate within the cells and eventually give rise to cancerous cells. 

Yue Ling Tan

Eating vegetarian or raw food will help, but it’s up to the person... It’s just what you eat. 

Xin Yuan 

Should more COEs be allocated to motorcycles? Will this help lower-income people or create more competition for them? 

Motorcycles below 200cc should be exempted from COE, because they are the soldier ants of the economy. 

Wayne Wong 

They should do a tiered COE for bikes. Class 2B bikes should be allocated a bigger portion of COEs and lower premiums. 

Rayyan Azmi

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