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Should parking meters be installed in private estates? Would this solve the problem of indiscriminate parking along the roads of such estates?

In most other countries, roadside parking outside private housing is reserved for the residents. Implicit in this is that parking is already priced into such properties.

Arthur Tan

A better way is to allow parking only on one side of the road, and payment is needed. This is to allow easy access for refuse trucks and emergency vehicles.

William Chin Fs

A public road is a public road; parking should be chargeable, same as anywhere else. Landed property home owners whose houses did not come with a parking space within their property can either bear with it or apply to build basement parking.

Joe Huang

It is a good idea to have meter parking and parking attendants to monitor. This will further help solve disputes on road parking in private estates.

Chien Ronnie

Are the roles of mothers and fathers changing in our society? How can we encourage fathers to be more involved in their children's development?

Children need quality time with both parents, but parents are not interchangeable. A child's interaction with dad is often quite different from that with mum. The child needs both to grow up emotionally healthy.

Umm Yusof Most fathers I know still want their wives to fulfil traditional roles like housework, looking after children, serving the husband, plus holding a job. Dads should start bonding with children. They could start with reading storybooks and coaching them in their homework.

Snow Love Fathers can be more involved by first having a good relationship with their spouse. This sets a good example and solid family foundation which will be seen and felt by their children.

The act of spending an hour or two with one's children, even if it is simply accompanying them to school, can positively impact their bonding and overall development.

Theo De Roza

Will having smoke alarms in homes help to improve fire safety?

There should be more reporting on the number of home fires as well as reasons behind the fires. Faulty chargers, unattended stove fires, or not turning off electrical equipment? Then, home owners will be able to understand and act accordingly.

Tan Joni

Carelessness is the reason behind most fires in the kitchen. Residents must be taught to be careful and mindful of what they do at home, like checking that the gas stove is switched off or that they do not smoke at home.

Harry Chia

In my block in Australia, where I lived briefly, alarms triggered by cooking and smoking were common. The whole block would have to evacuate and wait downstairs until the fire brigade came to check and give the all-clear sign. This happened once at 3am; it was not funny.

Ang Lixing

New homes to have smoke alarms? There are differing views about their effectiveness. Do we have statistics and precedents to back this initiative?

Xu Wei Jie

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