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How can we prevent the misuse of parking spaces reserved for those with disabilities?

Ensure that only registered handicapped users have the PIN to disable the barrier within the parking space.

Adrian Phua

Have an IU scanner - so that only registered cars can park there; otherwise, deduct a fine from the CashCard.

Bob Sim

Only with heavy fines will we see fewer of these inconsiderate and selfish drivers.

Seah Hendrick

Do you agree that some types of teen behaviour, such as taking risks and seeking thrills, are not necessarily undesirable? How can such behaviour be harnessed so it can become an asset?

If it's healthy behaviour, such as taking up sports, and not something that puts one's life at risk, why not? Still, teens should not be trapped by peer influence. Parents are the right guides to make sure they are safe.

Sangha Vandana

Many youngsters don't think about the dangers involved and put themselves at risk of injury or death. Safety takes top priority.

Peter Tan

Is tapping seniors to help at-risk youngsters a good idea?

This is worth looking into, as it takes a village to raise a child. Seniors can contribute with their life experiences and good advice.

Theo De Roza

How has the Internet affected the way we approach medical issues? What steps can younger patients take to safeguard their health?

The Health Ministry could perhaps start a health portal that could educate the public on what may go wrong in their bodies. This would greatly help people seek out the right information on the Internet as they consult doctors for follow-ups.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

We need healthier food choices in hawker centres. I'd like to see the Government give subsidies to hawkers who serve healthy food. Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle by drinking sweet drinks only once in a while.

Koh Tian Le

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