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Should taxi drivers be allowed to provide courier services too? What are the pros and cons of such a move?

Although cabbies should be allowed to earn extra (cash) as couriers, a downside is that during peak periods or rainy days, commuters will be affected if the cabby's priority is being a courier.

Harry Chia

What is a taxi for? It is for ferrying passengers to their location. Drivers shouldn't be allowed to provide courier services, which end up reducing the volume of public transport on the ground.

Jai Lim

I guess it is all right for cabbies to earn extra as couriers, provided they complete their shift so as not to impact passenger service. They should be limited to two or three hours as a courier.

Yeow Elsen

Courier companies will close down and people will lose their jobs.

Ricohard Lim

Will making taxi passengers pay a deposit or charging a flat fare help prevent fare evasion? How else can we ensure cabbies do not lose their fares?

Singapore's transportation relies on cashless travel. Why do cabbies still encourage cash? Why not make cashless payments mandatory? Key in the destination, passenger taps his card and a certain amount gets deducted. At the end of the journey, the passenger taps out and the excess is refunded.

Thaejas Kocherlakota

Most importantly, taxi rental (charges) must be brought down to Grab's and Uber's levels.

Teo Emeritus

Technology is moving forward but the taxi companies still follow the old ways. If they can charge by distance and be booked through apps, they can compete with private-hire cars.

Steven Hii

Having CCTV cameras in the cab would be a good option. Not only would it deter fare evaders, but it also helps in crime-fighting.

Yap Zi-Li Allen

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