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Should schools hold regular anti-terror drills? What should children do if an attacker strikes a school?

To be well prepared is better and safer than not at all... All teachers and students should be taught and educated on the right steps, and things to do or not to do, should a terrorist attack take place.

Peter Tan

As a student myself, I think that it should be necessary for schools to have such drills.

In schools, we already have fire drills. It makes perfect sense for us to start these anti-terror attack drills.

Kayson Quek

As a student, I feel that this type of drills is necessary, but the only worry I have is that schools will overdo it and make it too realistic, and end up scaring the students.

Jordan Siah

Our law enforcement is very strict... It is not necessary to have such drills as long as teachers and students are briefed on how to be vigilant.

Patrick Yuin

Why are the current rules and education ineffective in curbing smoking? What sort of key performance indicators should Singapore set as it tries to lower the smoking rate here?

Let people make their own choice. As long as they can smoke responsibly without affecting others, it is their own lives anyway if they want to shorten them.

Tong Bn

It just really bothers me when I see parents smoking in front of their children.

Not only do they pose potential health problems for their children, but they're obviously sending a wrong message to the next generation as well. That is an example of being irresponsible and inconsiderate smokers.

Sharon Long

How about higher health insurance premiums for smokers and reduced premiums for non-smokers... and by extension, increased medical subsidies for non-smokers and the opposite for smokers.

Kok Chwee Sim

Make all of Singapore smoke-free. Allow smoking only in smoking rooms. By doing so, cigarette litter is controlled. Smoking pollution is controlled. The number of smokers may drop, as they find going to smoking rooms troublesome.

Tay Yong Hong

Just promote greater awareness of death from smoking. Although addicted and stubborn smokers will not change, this will reduce their numbers.

Harry Chia

Is screening children for cardiovascular conditions early on a good idea? Would that help reduce the risk of death among the young engaging in rigorous sports?

During a school health check in July, my younger child, who is in Primary 1, was found to have a heart murmur. Immediately, the report was sent to the school and us to stop PE and all sports till further notice...

When she was born, nothing was detected at all... if the school did not have the yearly health check, we would not even have found out about this.

Jenny Tan

It will definitely help to detect conditions like Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and other cardiovascular issues. Having better knowledge of one's body can lead to better decisions.

Theo De Roza

Why not tone down these "rigorous physical activities" instead? I understand that to promote a healthy lifestyle and good exercising habits, such activities are inevitable. But I certainly feel that the requirement of 2.4km is rather excessive.

Lumi Nonageki

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