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What are some out-of-the-box ideas that can improve eldercare here? How can more people be attracted to work in the geriatric sector?

Eldercare could be improved with better community spirit and keeping an eye out for our more vulnerable members of society. After all, there is only so much that healthcare and eldercare centre staff can do.

Theo De Roza

Somebody, somewhere, somehow, must pay eldercare workers more. Far, far more than what they are getting now. Only that will change the perception of eldercare workers.

Jay Pan

If you want to live to an old age and be able to do basic daily activities, the best way is to exercise, and do more exercise. Once you stop, you are halfway to becoming a burden to yourself and others.

Peter Tan

Why do drivers fail to signal on the roads? How can they be encouraged to use their signal indicator lights?

Most drivers out there act like road bullies. Due to their irresponsible acts, there is an accident every day in Singapore. This is a First World country but drivers here are worse than those from Third World countries.

Wilson Kwek

When drivers no longer fear the punishment, it simply means the penalty is not high enough. Raise the bar.

Ed Rowan Lee

Just stop calling it a "Courtesy", because it is actually "Mandatory" and an offence to fail to do so.

Send them back for a mandatory refresher course on top of a fine.

Jason Yip

There is little enforcement of traffic rules on our roads. There is almost no presence of traffic police.

Kok Chwee Sim

Should staff at educational institutions have to pay for parking? What would be a fair rate?

The parking spaces in schools are not revenue generating. There's no justification to charge staff for it. It is wrong and shameless to start profiting from the staff.

Andy Fong

Teachers do not get any time off or off in lieu for the extra hours/days which they put in. Our MOE teachers are the unsung workhorses who have made many personal sacrifices to serve in this profession. Is there really a need to use "fairness" as an excuse to charge teachers for parking within the school compound?

Angeline Sim

There are already teachers finishing their short bonds and quitting. MOE spends so much money and time to groom them to become teachers, and now, with what little benefits they have being taken away, more will leave.

Dennis Lee

If there needs to be a charge, then the staff have to be reimbursed with an allowance.

Bilal Ali Ahamed

Well, if parking is not charged, even at a subsidised or token rate, it's unfair to those who don't drive. There is a cost to building and maintaining a carpark; it's not just financial cost. There's also physical cost, as the space could be used for other activities.

Christopher Tan

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