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Are older workers just as competent as younger ones?

My experiences have been good and (elderly workers) have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and experience. Best of all, many are prepared to teach the younger ones some tricks of the trade.

They also have a greater sense of commitment, possibly because they come from a generation that understands good jobs and teams are hard to come by.

J SP Filmer

Very good experience; the seniors rarely take urgent leave or MCs. They are responsible and committed. They are always early or on time for work, even on days of train disruptions. Very admirable work attitude.

Elaine Goh

We (older workers) have advantages too. One is life experience. We know how to work with colleagues who are different from us. We are also more ready to accept failure. We learn from it and move on. We are less competitive, as we are not too concerned about moving up the career ladder. We want a job, not a career.

Loh Wai Poon

One can be old in age yet still have a childish and immature work attitude; one can be young in age yet show otherwise. The point is: Attitude plays a major part.

Ferry Chang

Frankly, if you are old, you are, and admit it. No way you can compete with the millennials on cognition, reflexes and physical aspects. You may have the intellectual ability and experience but you lack dexterity. Be content and age gracefully and live life to the fullest.

Sangha Vandana

Are HDB carparks used mainly by shoppers and diners rather than family visitors on weekends?

Should free parking on weekends and public holidays be scrapped? No, for most, parking is only free on Sundays and public holidays. And I do use it to visit my family and to take the children to see their grandparents. And because we live far away and can visit only once a week, we try to stay on for longer.

Mel N Zack

The current scheme should stay. If some people feel that the scheme is being taken advantage of by diners and shoppers... why not come out with something clever to protect the family members who come for visits?

Yongmeng Choo

If the carpark is not over-crowded and there are no complaints from residents, just leave it... We can't always penalise everyone just because only a small area is affected and small groups of people are taking advantage of the free parking.

Charles Invento

You cannot please everyone.

If free, everyone will park to go and shop. Residents may not get to park, or their friends and family may also not be able to park. If parking is not free, residents will complain that their friends and family cannot come. I'd rather parking is not free if the carpark is near shopping malls.

Joseph Tan

Many HDB carparks that are near malls do not offer free parking on Sundays and public holidays. Not every day of the weekend has free parking either... I think free parking should be extended to Saturdays too.

Eliza Yeh

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