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Why are victims and witnesses of cyber bullying reluctant to report it? How can they be encouraged to do it?

They may be encouraged to report if it doesn't place them at risk and if they know the bully will be held accountable for his or her actions and won't get away scot free.

Theo De Roza

Speaking to young people about this issue before it happens can help prevent (cyber bullying) in the first place.

If adolescents feel they can trust the adults around them, they are more likely to seek help if they are the victims of cyberbullies.

Sangha Vandana

What challenges do mother tongue languages face today? How can campaigns like the Speak Mandarin Campaign change to suit the times?

Make children watch Channel 8 dramas without English subtitles.

Teachers can then set a fun quiz to ask the class about the episode played the evening before.

Elena Wee Meng Gek

Singing is another way that will instil interest in children. And more overseas trips for students to go to China or Taiwan.

Klytin Lim

Bring in the Chinese culture! Cross talks, Peking operas, Xinyao, and Mandarin programmes on TV that are funny, popular and with big name stars.

A campaign that is devoid of culture cannot succeed.

Loh Wai Poon

The key lies in cultivating a passion for the language and being willing to put in the commitment to learn a language. A good mix of both would thus allow us to develop a mastery of any language over time.

Aidan Ong Zong Ren

Is it possible to have a "prison without guards"? Should more technology be used to replace manual tasks done by officers?

Our prisons are too lenient. Just look at the prisons in Japan, extremely strict discipline, most prisoners come out changed people.

Toon Sree Dahtoke Chow

Guards are still required... Robots can't stop fights.

Lai Yin Lee

Prison is not only a jail to detain the bad... it is also a place to rehabilitate the marginal and help the corrigible but convicted.

The human touch is still vital for mankind.

Paul Wee

Should there be scholarships to enable disadvantaged children to enter prestigious pre-schools?

Nope. This is very dangerous. We should aim to level up the subsidised kindergartens. You don't need too much money to do that.

Learn to prioritise good teachers and learning environments. Pay good people decently to be teachers in such pre-schools.

Muhammad Yusuf Osman

Fund them for attending a pre-school where they have the same head start as the others, not because it's a prestigious school.

Lynn Flint-Sung

The priority for most parents is to find a pre-school close to home or workplace. Expensive pre-schools are not located in the HDB heartland. Would lower-income families have the time and resources to send the child to a school far away?

Umm Yusof

To differentiate children as scholarship holders or non-scholarship holders at such a young age is unhealthy.

Cheah Kok Keong

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