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Are SMEs the weak link in Singapore's cyber defences?

SMEs are already more concerned about cyber security and have decent measures in place, especially since a big part of their business relies on their systems' up-time.

Theo De Roza

Government is in business and the entrepreneurship drive is almost impossible to take off. SMEs have to get their business going first before worrying about cyber security.

Pat Eng

How might rehabilitation programmes differ with addicts of various ages?

Kicking the drug habit has nothing to do with one's age but whether the person really wants to change and become drug free. They need good counsellors who can encourage them.

Peter Tan

Treat prisoners as human beings. Singapore's prisons rob offenders of second chances. The Yellow Ribbon project has not worked.

Ramos Maria

What common expectations do Singaporean men and women have about dating and marriage?

Expectations of Singapore men are too unrealistic. They want caring yet capable partners, able to take care of some domestic chores yet earning a decent professional wage and, most importantly, good looking.

Jessica Lim

Women want to be treated as equals, yet men have to give way to them, be gentle to them, take care of their emotional needs and so on... What can theyoffer men?

Joo Beng Ng

Be the right person so others seek you out, not look for the right person that cannot be found. We need to live with flaws, as people are never perfect.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

If a very successful woman decides to marry a man from a lower tier, all her relatives and friends will gossip non-stop. The solution is to educate the masses, including parents, so that there is a mindset change.

Chua Cheng Chye

Do you think giving motorists a fine for not giving way to emergency vehicles will work?

Fine plus demerit points... and they will give way in a hurry. It is the only way to deal with these irresponsible drivers. For a third offence - ban them from driving for three years.

Belinda Tan

No point issuing fines. The rich can easily afford it. We need more creative sentencing options, including impounding the vehicle for X days, compulsory eye/ear test, mandatory retaking of basic and advanced driving theory tests... and maybe even washing of emergency vehicles

El Low

Sometimes it's difficult to filter out of the lane if traffic is congested... I understand that lives are at stake in the ambulance but sometimes there is just no easy way around it. You can't fine a driver for a situation created by many around him, can you ? Everyone must cooperate to make this work.

Adrian Haan

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