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Why aren't Singaporeans close to their neighbours? How can the kampung spirit be reignited?

My family greets whoever we meet in the lift and passageways. We always share some food with our neighbours, help to carry their groceries, and give them a lift to the MRT station. When we are going to the market, we ask if they need to buy anything too.

Icey Liang

All it takes is a smile and a "hi"... Someone's got to break the ice and there is no harm in taking the first step.

Christopher Headech

My neighbours are awesome. We speak Malay, Hokkien and Cantonese to each other and use sign language when words get too difficult to convey. During Hari Raya, they gather at my place for chat sessions which lasts for many hours. When they go on holiday, we help to look after their house... The kampung spirit can still be felt.

Idah Zul

In the kampung days, villagers shared one or two water sources or washing points, children were schoolmates and neighbours. There were only a couple of TVs or telephones in a neighbourhood, but owners were generous enough to share. These platforms made people come together. That was how "kampung spirit" developed.

Cheah Kok Keong

We are already too close in proximity to our neighbours. There's no privacy anymore. During the kampung days, it was a pleasure meeting neighbours, as we didn't live face to face and didn't intrude into anyone's privacy.

Sivakumar Sannasi

What bad behaviour have you witnessed at concerts? How can it be addressed and prevented?

At theatre and concerts for children, parents fiddle with their phones for the duration of the event. They show no respect to the performers. It's no surprise the children grow up ignorant of basic concert etiquette.

Umm Yusof

The management at venues seem reluctant to enforce the rules on behaviour. As long as they stand idly by, the enjoyment of audiences will be compromised by inconsiderate behaviour.

Sangha Vandana

Esplanade management should change its house rules to admit latecomers during the interval.

Robert Lim

If it's really not possible to stop yourself from coughing, do so at a louder segment of the music or between movements... definitely not in the middle of a beautiful, lyrical line.

Ze Wei Ng

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