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What do children need to know when interacting with those with special needs?

When you see someone who is a bit different from you, smile, say hello and ask questions if you want, but never stare... Let our children know that there are others who are different from them.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Parents should teach their children to be empathetic... Instead of shooing their children away from awkward situations, parents should explain and encourage them to learn and accept the differences in others with a positive attitude.

Lynn Flint-Sung

Try to use clear, respectful language when talking about someone with disabilities. Keep explanations simple, such as, "she uses a wheelchair because a part of her body does not work as well as it could". Reinforce to your child that name calling - even as a joke - is unacceptable.

Sangha Vandana

Should space in polyclinics be allocated to new private GPs to set up their practices?

Nope. People go to GPs because they're closer and more accessible than polyclinics. Also faster. When I'm really sick, there is no way I would wait for a bus or even a taxi to go to the polyclinic.

Hana Saemon

The polyclinic is already crowded. When it gives space to private GPs to practise, it will be even more crowded. If we reduce the number of polyclinic doctors to let the GPs take over, the crowd will still be as large, but we pay more for consultation. Who is benefiting?

Loh Wai Poon

Polyclinics provide an economical means to essential healthcare... Private doctors charge many times higher, and bringing them into polyclinics is counter to the spirit of providing accessible care to the community most in need.

Juan Lee

It is beneficial to the sick, as the size of the polyclinic could facilitate more medical equipment for diagnosis, compared to a GP's clinic.

King Darren

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