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A writer has suggested that people who have "self-efficacy" are less likely to blame others when things go wrong. Do people here lack self-efficacy?

It's a deeply steeped culture of self-entitlement - Singaporeans tend to think that we should deserve nothing but the best. Moreover, Singaporeans, by and large, have been very well taken care of by the Government, which further led to this false sense of self entitlement.

- Elaine Tan

This can happen when people feel they are not in control of their lives or that they do not want to assume responsibility for their fate, hence the blame game. Lack of confidence can be the reason too. Confident people who take charge of their life never allow circumstances to be an obstacle and so, they seldom complain or find excuses.

- Sian Ein Teo

How has the Singapore political environment changed since 2011? Has the recent election affected the "new normal" of politics?

Singapore has come from a top-down approach to a symbiotic relationship between the Government and the people. The "new normal" now is one of a consultative relationship that will be renewed every five years.

- Harry Chia

I have two views on this.

One is that Singaporeans in general still feel that the policies in force and the PAP are still effective and have been bringing positive changes to society as a whole.

Two: We seriously need a stronger, more united opposition.

The current opposition is good but more needs to be done to improve their capabilities and their reputation.

- Solomon Tan

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