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Is it feasible for Singapore and other Asean nations to launch a joint bid to host the World Cup?

Sounds like a good idea... Venues for matches can be decided according to suitability of facilities and by drawing lots. Benefits are mutual cooperation, economic gains, boost in country reputation and tourist promotion.

Ron Chan

The Asean countries are too diverse economically, politically and culturally. There will be disagreements on issues such as infrastructure, financing, manpower, security and sponsorship.

Au Kah Kay

We should fix our social issues first, such as income gap and employment rate. Besides, the FAS isn't in good shape to handle this.

Godfrey Gan

Imagine tens of thousands of fans going to the stadium and the MRT trains break down. Not to mention complaints about the condition of the National Stadium's pitch. We do not need this unnecessary negative publicity.

Law Wong

International events such as the World Cup and Olympics should be held at the same group of countries so that the facilities built specifically for the events will not go to waste.

Tan Keng Hua

Should drivers of private-hire cars be at least 30 years old? Will setting age rules improve safety?

It is not so much the age, although age plays a part in terms of experience. It is still the driver's attitude that is most important.

Malcom Ong

Taxi drivers have been one of the major contributors to accidents for decades. Aren't they experienced?

Nathaniel Yang

I have been driving for 10 years. I had the most accidents in my first three to four years of driving, but none in my last five years...

A young/inexperienced driver does tend to take risks, while older drivers tend to have more patience.

Private-hire car drivers need to be more regulated for sure. Perhaps having a probation period will help.

Edmund Yee

Training and tests are what should decide if a person is fit for it.

Jesper Rull-Svenningsen

The law should give stiffer penalties to drivers of taxis and private-hire cars, as a higher duty of care is expected of them.

Davy Devaraj

The best will always be a courteous driver. He will treat the passenger right as well as the other drivers on the road.

Kanor Cado

A writer says expatriate jobs come with paid home leave; should domestic helpers be allowed to go back home annually?

Expats pay taxes but domestic helpers don't. Food and board are taken care of by their employers. We need to look at what is fair for the employers as well.

Calvin Tham

If you get paid leave, why shouldn't others, especially the person working for you?

Paul Wee

It really depends on the kind of relationship you have with the helper and what your helper needs.

Pearlie Estella Tan

It would be fairer to compare the benefits of domestic workers here with those of domestic workers in other countries, rather than with expatriates.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

Why don't we discuss removing the government levy, so that we can pay the maids more instead? Or use the levy to offset the cost of getting temporary help when the maid goes for home leave?

Fadilah Alkaff

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