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Should smoking be completely banned in HDB flats?

Yes, please ban, especially when smokers smoke outside in the corridor or at the staircase area. If they do not want their families to inhale the smoke, they should also spare a thought for others.

Maureen Ng

Ban, but need to enforce. Sometimes, I encounter people smoking on running tracks and fitness areas or parks but nobody is there to catch them.

Xin Lin

No one has a right to decide whether smoking should be banned because every individual has his right to live his life. Why shouldn't smoking be allowed within their own house?

Chu Lisan

No one smokes in my family. We don't care if we can smell smoke from cigarettes from our neighbour - we learn to live with one another.

Just like when my neighbour cooks fish and we aren't used to the smell, we just close the door... If you want your own privacy to everything, don't live in an HDB flat.

Damian Chee

Dialogue and discussion is important in this matter. Smoking is a social ill that will never go away as we grant freedom to people to indulge in whatever vice they deem acceptable. A few kind words to a neighbour, a small gesture to someone smoking nearby to tell them the smoke is irritating you goes a long way.

Adnan Salim

Why not just have smoking and non-smoking blocks? Smokers can smoke anywhere in the smoking block... and non-smokers can enjoy their peace too at their non-smoking block.

Daniel Xu

In what ways can pet owners and their neighbours show responsibility and consideration towards one another?

Community living is about embracing the existence of pets and how people must adjust their mindsets to accommodate pets in close proximity. As long as pets do not come in contact with people, we should live and let live.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

I have neighbours who own huge dogs who would wait for an empty lift to get to the level they want. They take the initiative to create minimal contact between their pets and people, regardless of people's reaction to their pets.

Damian Chee

First, limit the number of pets based on size of apartment. Second, subject owners to noise limits after midnight. Third, hand out dos and don'ts to all pet owners.

Harry Chia

No matter how considerate a person is, if the other party chooses to feel offended, he will be so. Perhaps rebuilding the community spirit, getting to know one's neighbours, and being on good terms with each other will help.

Theo De Roza

Is it a good or bad move to have taxi drivers take photos of private-hire car drivers who commit offences? How can the two groups better co-exist and serve the public?

What a sad state we have descended into - a police state spying on one another. Shocking that such a move comes from ComfortDelGro, a company linked to the labour union.

Soo Tommy Leong

Confronting private-hire drivers will not change anything... Passengers are not interested in their quarrels. They are interested only in more convenience or lower fare.

So maybe taxi drivers should start sharing their taxi stands with private-hire drivers instead... I am sure some commercial agreement can be reached.

William Tay

Not sure whether ComfortDelGro is trying to beat the competition or to beat their competitors literally.

Even if it wins back some portion of the pie... it's a below-the-belt dirty tactics victory, which is not sustainable.

Raymond Fong

Since it is a rule that private-hire cars cannot stop at taxi stands, it is fair that they should be taken to task if this rule is flouted. Having taxi drivers taking photos of such offences is a way of enforcement.

Annie Ng

To seriously cut down the rate of traffic offences, I urge each group to take photos of each other... Each group is expected to help the traffic authorities and to complement each other so as to better serve the public. I believe both groups can co-exist side by side as long as there is mutual support and cooperation.

Sam Yong

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