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Will stopping train service on weekends for system testing and maintenance help minimise inconvenience to commuters?

I believe the testing has to be done with passengers in the trains, so a better timing would be weekends. Granted, there will be inconvenience to people working on weekends, but with better bus coordination to cater to disruptions, there will be fewer complaints from commuters.

Tansy Fong Chin Leng

I don't mind sacrificing one weekend if SMRT is able to get it tested and fixed.

Rollmeyo Romeo

Is it possible to stop the train services earlier each day instead and test in phases?

Catherine Tan EK

Can't SMRT just do it overnight? I mean, does it hurt to pay the staff overtime when you can get so much more returns in the day?

Daan Zhafroullah

Need one week? Shut down one week. Need one month? Shut down one month. But after that, there must be no more problems.

Luchily Lip

Other countries and cities don't seem to have this issue. Please learn from Hong Kong and Japan.

Anita Kwan

Should small states punch above their weight when it comes to issues involving bigger powers?

We must change our approach, post-Lee Kuan Yew; he is an impossible act to follow. We must be firm when our national interest is at stake... There are many ways to show your conviction. Shouting and swinging the sword wildly is not the way. Our leaders must have good foresight to stay ahead of fast-changing scenarios.

Cj Leo

Small states can punch above their weight when it comes to rendering aid. This is something Singapore has been doing when our neighbours face natural calamities. As the saying goes, it is better to give than receive.

Theo De Roza

Money is power, and with money, you speak louder too.

Sebastian Chong

You might feel pleased as punch when punching above your weight, but be prepared to get beaten down to size if you annoy the superpowers.

Umm Yusof

What is the ideal place for a public library? How can Singaporeans be encouraged to visit libraries and read more?

Accessibility is the most important factor.

Chan Roberts

The ideal place would be in the heartland, near homes and schools. State-funded libraries should not be paying high rents at popular shopping malls. In malls with unleased retail space such as City Square and Orchard Gateway, landlords may reduce the rental rate for libraries to increase foot traffic.

William Choo

My choice is to have a library in a business location, well served by the MRT and buses, as it will cater to office workers during their breaks or after work.

Ron Chan

Reading should be seen as a hip activity like yoga or drinking coffee. Anyone should be proud to finish a book, like they are after finishing a workout.

Jay Chong

Get more copies of popular books. I don't want to be on the reserved list for months.

Gabriel Tham

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