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Would allowing students to see what prison life is like turn them away from drugs?

Agree with the use of scare tactics. But it would be better if we can show what "cold turkey" is like. Words cannot describe the pain and suffering.

Nancy Tan

Realisation of the consequences to themselves, their families and the victims and victims' families may shed some light, hopefully.

DH Tan

I suggest making a film of a drug addict suffering without drugs... then showing it to all the schools.

Janet Seto

The police have also taken students to Changi Prison and shown them videos on caning. Did that work? I doubt it. It's more on your upbringing, broken families, peer influence and exposure to social media platforms.

Sangha Vandana

Should students be assigned no homework during the school holidays?

I wish schools will set meaningful homework, for example, writing journals, something that helps with character building and life skills, organise fun camps or parent and child bonding activities.

JY Tay

This period should be a time for students to take a break from school, where they are allowed to engage in other activities for their mental health and well-being.

Lynn Flint-Sung

Some homework carefully planned by the teachers for practice and improvement is good.

Vikki Chee

Let them go out and work or volunteer their time. I think that is more meaningful and enriching.

Lai Heehee

Is a neighbourhood no longer just a physical location? Has technology changed the way we view communities and kampung spirit?

The community is still there, it's just the platform that has changed. Now we have WhatsApp and Facebook groups to inform one another of the latest news, deals, lost and found items and so on.

Theo De Roza

We spend more time with friends from school and colleagues from work. Our community is with those we spend more time with, so community is no longer as it was in the past... It is not necessary to evaluate neighbour-cohesion as long as we stay in harmony.

Rick Law

When everything is peaceful, kampung spirit will not happen. It is only when a problem strikes that people are afraid and try to look out for one another... But since life is so quiet, everyone takes peace and security for granted.

Peter Tan

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