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Should maids need to seek their employers' consent before leaving Singapore? What are the pros and cons of such a rule?

As a helper myself, I don't keep my passport and I'm fine with it. If I need to use it, I just ask my employer... Helpers should inform their employers if they want to go to Johor Baru or Batam, out of courtesy. It's not a big deal.

Helpers should also keep in mind the fact that employers are concerned about them, even if they don't really say it... When our employers trust us, we should not break their trust.

Mitch Oyonoyon

A domestic helper is a human being, and should at no time be forced to seek permission before leaving the country. There is great potential for abuse when you require that the employer give consent - if the employer is cruel, abusive, or mistreating the domestic helper.

Indulekshmi Rajeswari

This is ridiculous. Maids are people and they should be able to do what they please when they aren't working, without having to notify or get consent from their employers... Anyone can leave work unexpectedly and leave the country, why should maids be any different?

Meghan Kemp

Maids have to seek their employers' permission for leave. Like how we, ourselves, have to seek permission from our own bosses before we take leave. For how long and why, we owe them an explanation. Then it's up to their discretionto allow it or not, depending on organisational needs.

Adrian Haan

Do not forget that employers are compelled to watch their maids' behaviour because of the onus of responsibility placed by the law on employers.

Gary Lim

Is it better to run and hide or stand and fight in a terrorist attack?

As long as we have someone or something that we need to protect, we'll have to stand and fight back. This will help to at least delay or minimise harm to slower and weaker members of society.

Theo De Roza

What is legally correct? Unless the authorities are able to clearly explain the consequences, it is still better to leave it to the authorities to handle such situations. Assisting to evacuate is the best solution.

Fabian Hui

Each situation is unique and assessing the likelihood of success/risk has to be made in an instant. There's no point in meaningless sacrifice if the situation does not allow a fighting chance.

Melvin Ch

Before taking any action, do a quick survey of the situation. When the odds are against you, best to run away to get help.

It serves no purpose to stand up against the odds and die doing it.

James Wang

Do you agree that an insecure leader can pull an organisation down? In what ways can such paranoid bosses affect the productivity of a company?

Insecure bosses make staff do what they themselves are unable to do. Unable to provide guidance, they then blame the staff for being unable to complete the assigned task... Good staff leave out of frustration. Those who stay behind are not motivated. The company suffers.

Adrael Sarah Koh

What can a worker do about it, especially when there's micromanagement? If you complain, it is deemed as insubordination... Even worse are bosses who take the entire credit, while the staff are neglected or even marked as poor performers.

Max Li

I know one such boss - well-intentioned but overly driven by short-term goals, hard-working but high-strung, intelligent but regards himself a bit too highly... Overall, his people have become unduly anxious and seek only to get through the week without getting chewed up.

Lam Benard

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