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What do teens need to know about sex? Has teen sexual activity become normalised?

Teens are going to have sex regardless of whether society thinks it's acceptable or not. The question is would you rather they have the awareness to make an informed decision or not? When you set up a proper sex ed curriculum which doesn't focus on abstinence as the only way, teens get access to more information about healthy sexual relationships and contraception.

Yuyan Deanna Lim

Offering alternative (and probably more constructive) validations of self-worth would be a better solution.

Nguoi You Jie

We should teach our teenagers the consequences of having sex and warn them not to do it before they are ready to handle the potential consequences of getting pregnant and so on.

Ju Nuo Ning

I think it is good that we give alternative options so our young know that it is OK not to have sex before marriage. It's something special to know that your love and intimacy is protected in the covenant of marriage.

Isaiah Paul Das

The bottom line is, be financially, emotionally and psychologically prepared for the consequences. Entertainment media always glosses over or glamourises premarital sex. We need more open sex ed discussions in school.

Yoon Hee

How can youngsters guard against the influence of radical ideology?

Education starts in the family and extends to relatives and friends. Always teach children to be careful who they mix with.

Vi Vie

Parents play an important role to be open and correct a child whenever they sense something fishy. Always ask a religious teacher to answer your curiosity.

Ain Zulkifli

You can work with an Internet service provider and proxy servers such that every time such sites are searched for, your own education sites will appear. Make sure the education sites are prominent and appealing. This is a battle of ideas.

Andy Wee

Should bike-sharing firms be disallowed from using public parking spaces?

The Government didn't provide parking infrastructure before promoting bike sharing. Study how Taipei has done this so successfully.

Travis Lin

Motorists are required to pay parking fees. So these companies must be made to pay for the space used.

John NG

The frequent use of (public) parking facilities will lead to an increased use of public funds for maintenance of those facilities. The bike service providers should invest in the building and upkeep of facilities.

Wilfred Liew

If the Land Transport Authority and bike providers work together, bike sharing is workable. But if end users decide to vandalise and destroy property or park indiscriminately, whatever resources that are deployed will not work.

Sebastian Kang

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