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Should there be punitive consequences for not reporting radicalised individuals?

The punishment for radicals caught via reporting by family members should be significantly less harsh. Give some carrots for those who are reported and a big stick for those who are not.

Luchily Lip

It's easier said than done. Most people cannot contemplate sending their own family to jail. Abused children can't even report their abusers (usually a parent) for fear that they would go to jail.

Kayla Tanch

The public needs more education as to what to look out for in a radicalised individual. We must ensure that people report just like they would for a crime.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

We have to help them through religious leaders and guidance.

Jerry L Kenyon

Should crowdfunding donations be encouraged?

When we donate, we are pooling our donations with so many out there who are also sharing their spirit of generosity, humanity and kindness.

Anne Chin

Crowdfunding is a good way to raise urgently needed funds to save lives. We just need to exercise caution; we should not deprive those who are genuinely in need.

Irene Tan Poh Kim

Give what you can; there is no such thing as a "market rate" where donations are concerned. If you decide to donate, then do not complain about where the money goes. Do your own homework on what the organisation or group does and decide accordingly.

Mesh Lo Singh

There are legal and registered charity organisations. Donating to these organisations is safer, as these organisations are required by law to account for the money donated to them.

Crowdfunding activities are run by unknown parties, and netizens must be wary before donating.

The spirit of generosity does not mean blind donations.

James Wang

Should home owners be allowed to take on tenants according to the size of their properties?

For the tenant and house owner, it is the more the merrier, as the former is able to share the cost and the latter gets more income. Hence, there should be regulations specifying a limit. Overcrowding can be a nuisance to the neighbourhood as well as increase the risk of fire and health issues.

Poh Wah Eric

If a dormitory can squeeze 10 workers into a room, I don't see why 10 workers cannot stay in a three-bedroom unit. The cost is almost the same or even cheaper for the employers.

Dave Tan

Just make the owners pay higher property taxes based on the number of tenants.

Piyapong Thongchai Sinawatra

Are people reading less because of a lack of time? How can we encourage more people to read?

It is not a lack of time that is the main reason for not reading, it is all about reshuffling your timetable.

Peter Tan

I used to read to my daughter while she was drinking her milk before bed. It was the best time, as she would concentrate on what I was reading. Today, she is a mother herself, and she continues to read.

Sheila Ng

Set up more stations for people to pick up books, like at bus stops. Or deploy mobile reading vans in housing estates on Friday nights.

Fion Phua

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