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How can Singapore better protect wildlife in our waters and preserve our marine biodiversity?

The carcass of the whale found on our shores had deep cuts, likely from the propeller blades of ships... then it is obvious that container ships have to stay farther away from our beaches. However, that's not quite possible.

- Freddie Kong

It doesn't help that our seas are very congested. Just look at East Coast Park and you can see ships so close to shore. That's the price to pay for being a port country.

- Ng Yong Toh

Have bigger marine national parks and limit the types and numbers of ships that can enter.

- Kheng Chun

Is it common to see sales promoters obstructing key access paths in public areas? If safety is paramount, should there be laws to rein them in?

If it is in a public place, then the town councils or other authorities should educate and issue reminders, followed by fines if sales staff persist.

But for those at shopping malls, MRT station walkways and office buildings, the building management should act on it.

- Muhammad Dzul Azhan

If there was a real emergency, I'm pretty sure if I was one of those sales staff, I would run myself and not continue to obstruct the pathway.

- Gabriel Li

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