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What considerations should there be when naming public buildings and institutions? Is this a good way to acknowledge acts of philanthropy?

Money talks. For instance, the OCBC Arena and OCBC Skywalk.

William Choo

It is always more meaningful when the person whose name is used has a historical link to the establishment or the development of the public institution.

Sangha Vandana

How can police officers be kept safe while on the job? Should there be penalties for those who resist arrest?

I think the police uniform should be changed to make the officer look more well-trained and combative, such as those patrolling the MRT stations.

Joseph Chan Ho Kin

Home Affairs Ministry should consider the use of pepper spray against rough or uncooperative persons and those who pose a high risk to not only the cops but also members of the public.

Achmad Sobirin Reduce the protocols involved. There are so many rules and constraints when arresting a subject nowadays.

Also increase the penalties for voluntarily causing hurt to all public servants, not only the police. Include canning for all offences against public servants.

Colin Tan

Police officers should be trained on how to deal with people. I have seen officers behaving rudely.

Gopi Gopal Pathi

Are Singaporeans too quick to put down home-grown brands? How can we drum up support for local businesses?

Not only home-grown brands. I think we also have to support local dramas and movies. If locals don't support, who will?

Tan Hua Lun

I think we need to give local brands a chance. There's going to be the usual teething problems... It's easy to talk about building a local business, not so easy to do so.

Min Lim

When you replace a well-loved brand with a crass new name and higher prices, then you deserve all the put-downs you get.

Colin Lim

LiHo is a dumb name for tea, to be honest. And the quality and selection are bad.

Pon HengWai

People have been very supportive. The problem is that the products and execution are horrible.

Travis Lin

I think Singaporeans care more about taste and value then branding... never mind if it's home-grown or not.


Lim Shi Yin

If the food or drink is no good, it can be local or foreign, nobody will pay for it.

Kelvin Seet

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