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What makes a good NDP song? Which is your favourite NDP song?

It needs a good tune, one that tugs at the heartstrings, but is simple and easy to sing along to; a good singer; original lyrics; and a warm and fuzzy video to go with it. For example, "Home", "Where I Belong", "Count on Me Singapore" and "Stand Up For Singapore".

Zain Kazmi

A National Day song should invoke a sense of pride and warmth. We could sing just a couple of lines of "Home" and tears would be streaming.

Stan Jon

A good NDP song must move us to tears. "We Are Singapore" is one good example of a memorable NDP song.

Lai Yin Lee

It has to portray the birthday celebration of Singapore. The lyrics should be meaningful, inspirational and easy to sing along to for everyone to spread the message of national unity.

Peter Tan

The video must always show the four official races here in Singapore... We should continue to be proud of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others that make Singapore today.

Aan Al-Shariff

What are the pros and cons of setting a minimum wage?

Pro: Fair go for workers, lower income inequality, and incentives for people to participate in industries where pay is relative low. Con: Cost of running business will be higher and cost of living will increase.

Raymond Cheung

Minimum wage is the only ethical option in an economy like Singapore that has grown so unbalanced. It is about protecting the fair and sustainable income of our citizens.

Dare Chia

Let market forces decide. Any regulated minimum wage will discriminate against those who are less fortunate instead of help them. Just to illustrate, if a handicapped person has to be paid the same wage as a normal person, who will get the job?

Wong Choon

Perhaps a differentiated minimum wage might work better. Like, cleaning minimum wage might be different from food and beverage minimum wage.

Vivian Liew

With minimum wages, it means a worker will not have to spend as much time working to get the same amount of pay, and can use the extra hours to upgrade or learn new skills.

Theo De Roza

How can we change mindsets on fidget gadgets so they are viewed as learning tools rather than toys?

Until there is scientific evidence that these gadgets actually help people with ADHD, they should be viewed as toys and not tools.

Umm Yusof

Yet another need of the new generation. During my time, you fidget, you get the ruler. You cannot distract your other classmates. Too much nonsense these days, exceptions and tolerance of all sorts of "needs".

J SP Filmer

Has any research actually been done on these "learning tools"? Do they really help those with ADHD?

Jeremy Leong

Learning tool? What does it teach? Many kids view it as a new toy, not a learning tool.

Goh Yanyan

I didn't know so many people suffered from ADHD until this came out.

Indra Eth

When even a toy shop sells it as a toy, what can you do? I asked a boy if he knows that it is not a toy. He just looked at me... blur.

Arissa Iman

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