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A writer says that having more food options in school canteens would encourage students to eat properly. Do you agree? What other ways are there to encourage students to choose healthier food?

Students spend long hours in school, and have recess and lunch there... They should be given more choices of food. Imagine having limited choices of food for five days in a row.

Chong Yanna

I would suggest limiting food choices to not more than three to five options. Too many choices, and it makes decision-making harder.

Theo De Roza

It is wrong to assume that more food options means better choices of healthy food. The ingredients used and the method of cooking are the key factors.

Poh Wah Eric

Ensure a good mix of nutrition such as bento box lunch, which has a portion of each of these - vegetables, meat, eggs and fruit.

Mei Mei

How can we deter cyclists from parking bikes improperly? What features are needed to encourage better behaviour from users?

Nothing can encourage better behaviour. Scrap the bike-sharing scheme and let LTA take over. Build proper docking stations near MRT stations, parks and malls.

Matthew Lee

Having affordable parking areas for bikes will encourage proper parking... Future road design needs to incorporate more for bike users.

We'll never be ready for any programme if we don't start somewhere and work through the initial challenges while people learn to incorporate this into their daily life.

Catherine Tan EK

They can track who the last user is and fine the errant user, just like fining a car owner for illegal parking.

If the bike company doesn't want to release this information, then fine the company.

Vivian Tan

This fiasco shows Singapore does not have the infrastructure to support a bike-riding culture. Narrow pathways, insufficient pathways, no place to park bikes, need to share with pedestrians... It's a mess.

Stephen Chew

How can we balance economic growth with protecting the environment? What role do ordinary people play in this?

Introduce a social responsibility tax for corporations, tag it to their revenue, work processes (level of green), and industrial wastage. Use the funds to power the green industry for conservation and innovative tech.

Dare Chia

How about simple things like legislate waste separation, better evaluation of emissions from cars, better public transport, and solar power? All these are things that can help the environment without harming the economy. Don't need to think too big.

Benjamin Chia

Consumerism, capitalism thrive upon the exploitation of the environment. What other force causes people to buy more than they need and then throw away lots of things they realise they don't need, and repeat the whole cycle? This is the sad foundation of the modern world.

Michelle Tan

Please be reminded that, without a healthy environment, there can be no economy, and no quality of living.

Anne Maes Mary

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