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Why are people wary of autonomous vehicles, despite assurances that they are safer than those driven by humans?

Safer? Based on what statistics? And where are all the displaced drivers going to work? Are they going to end up jobless without any help and support? Sean Warr

The problem is that it is still not safe to put them on public roads. Being tested in and restricting them to industrial areas do not count.

Jimmy Beany

If a driver makes a mistake, an accident may involve a few cars and the driver will be accountable. But if there is a sudden lost of signal or a signal fault, then all the autonomous cars, and the people, in the area would be affected. If it is islandwide, can you imagine the chaos? Who is going to be responsible for this?

Esther Lee

How are they able to coexist with other manually driven vehicles?

Siah Jin Kim

Are the driverless vehicles programmed to give way to people crossing the road?

Ryo Hiroshi

Should Singapore invest in high-rise farming? What are the pros and cons of it?

This should have been done long ago and we would have become self-sufficient.

Jaichandra Ramanujam

Indoor farming is better than outdoor farming. Everything is under control.

Chua Kim

I hope Singapore will produce 50 per cent of its food and 100 per cent of its water in future.

Khan Hong Chiew

There would be high capital costs - land in urban centres is certainly not cheap. Also, the process is energy intensive.

Sangha Vandana

Perhaps the HDB can free up space on the roofs of carparks as a test.

Beavan Chua

No matter what is done, Singapore will never be self-sufficient, and food insecurity will always exist. The best is to develop food technology that can be exported and implemented in other countries. Diversification is the best way to ensure food security.

Wong Choon

How can domestic violence be tackled? Will it help if the state is able to charge offenders, even against the wishes of the victim?

Domestic violence is normally kept within the family, but if reported, the law must take its course, with counselling as part of the outcome.

Harry Chia

A lot depends on the victim and whether she is able to change her plight or leave the situation. Also, one's ability to be financially independent plays a great part.

Ramgutan Tan

I don't think the state is ready yet to be the judge of family matters... Not every victim is truly a victim.

Scope Guy

Is there a Men's Charter to protect men against abusive wives?

Alvin Lam

How do you tackle tiger mums caning their daughters publicly?

Richard Tan

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