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Are school swimming lessons enough to ensure children have water-safety skills? What else can be done?

I don't think children learn much at the Primary 3 school swimming lessons... They should have proper, regular swimming lessons in school from P1 till P3, with emphasis on survival skills, and be required to pass the basic swimming survival tests. Also, swimming should be part of PE lessons.

Lisa Loh

Equally important is learning how to tread water. Once you know how to tread water properly, you will have no fear... Just being able to swim is not enough, as even the best swimmers can drown in strong currents.

Jaxon Lee

We need more beach patrols. They may lay in the sun most of the time, but when a drowning situation happens, they are the closest and fastest help available.

Jay Pan

Until students are discerning enough to manage their own risk assessment, accidents will still happen... Yes, teach them the skills, but at the same time educate them to exercise good judgment.

Ethan Lai

Will the use of LED lights embedded in the pavement of pedestrian crossings boost road safety?

Everyone should take charge of their own life. Why encourage people to continue to glue their eyes to their phone even when crossing the street?

Linda Low

This is a terrible idea... It encourages people to continue staring at their phones while crossing the road, essentially leaving their safety in the hands of road users...

A simple but loud tone to let users know the light has changed in favour of the pedestrian would have sufficed.

Lewis Chen

The authority should hit where it hurts most - their pockets. Perhaps the authority could station traffic wardens at busy road junctions and book any smartphone zombie for jaywalking.

James Wang

The LED lights provide pedestrians with an additional channel to see the crossing signals.

Pedestrians generally have safety awareness and would look out when using pedestrian crossings.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

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