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In the fight against fake news, would a news verification portal set up by the authorities be effective?

Such a portal could and should feature peer verification by members of the public. It would encourage people to practise fact-checking, rather than just rely on a single source.

Theo De Roza

We can only know the information provided and judge what is most reliable. There's no way to define truth, for no one can be sure what is the truth. What we should be doing is developing greater critical thinking capability among the population.

Benjamin Chia

Such a portal should be developed collaboratively by the community and not be in the hands of an entity; much less a government.

Franz Dedier

With the call for lifelong learning, is going to university still the pinnacle of academic achievement? Is it more essential to have a degree or vocational skills?

Not everyone is good at academic studies. Some are better off in hands-on projects... The choice as to which road you take is yours in the end. You will be employable with the right skills and qualifications that suit your talent.

Peter Tan

There should not be a differentiation between blue- and white-collar jobs. Certification is not a means to crown the specialised skills of a professional. Instead, the true crowning should be by the industry or customers who enjoy the benefits of working with a dedicated professional.


Going to university is the pinnacle of academic achievement only at that point. Past that stage, lifelong learning becomes the way to continually add value to this achievement.

Having vocational skills can complement and supplement the skill sets which cannot be taught at the academic level.

Yvonne Ang

The MOE and MOM have been pushing workers to upgrade their skills; what it is controlling is the number of graduates from universities. We need to have quality graduates, not quantity.

Kaiyan Leong

What skills do drivers need to drive on the expressway? How can such skills be taught to potential drivers?

Actually, all you need are courtesy and common sense. Such skills should have been taught by parents. If it didn't happen, too bad.

Dare Chia

Unfortunately, drivers just lack skills or drive a car above their capabilities and do not understand their limitations. A defensive driving course can help.

Saravanan Alagar

Use your mirrors. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Indicate your intentions when changing lanes. Don't speed and please check your blindspot.

Most importantly, be a defensive driver, be considerate and patient. Always remember that you are not alone and that other drivers have the same rights as you do on the roads.

Margeratta Daniel

Temperament is the main reason for a bad driver - always in a rush, frustrated in traffic jams or at red lights. Perhaps a crash course on mediation before a driving licence is issued would help reduce temperamental behaviour.

James Wang

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