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Are fragrances in public places to be welcomed?

I wouldn't mind a nice subtle scent.

Siti Nor'aini A S

If some passengers fall sick because of some allergy, should the bus company be held responsible?

Jackson Tan

It will be a cause for concern if the fragrances are not from natural sources.

Siah Jin Kim

All you require is personal hygiene and to keep the place clean. Then you don't need to mask the smell, which makes it worse.

Suzie Hamilton

I like the fragrance from pandan leaves in some taxis.

Helen Lindblad

Will working the names of the merged junior colleges into the new name help to prevent the loss of the school's identity?

Combining names is just a cursory gesture. If the Education Ministry had been serious about preserving the heritage, there is a lot more that could have been done. The schools will never be the same again... Just let us close our alma maters with honour and dignity.

Jae Chia

Meridian-Tampines Junior College and Serangoon-Anderson Junior College, for instance? They read and sound all right to me.

Zhou Hongjie

Culture goes beyond a name.

Jubilee Tang

Don't bother calling it mergers when it is actually the closing down of schools.

Anne Neo

If corporations can be merged, merging schools should not be a problem.

Ah Soh

How relevant is carpooling today?

Carpooling will be essential because of the growing population, rising transport costs and limited areas to expand infrastructure.

The issues would be better insurance coverage and lower costs or subsidies for carpooling.

Alex Hoe

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