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In what ways can those who use sports facilities be made more aware of safety procedures? Should rules of etiquette be actively enforced?

We should always have rules of etiquette in place in all public places and events. And they should be strictly enforced.

Francis Chong

If equipment is checked often, serviced if necessary to make sure it is in good working condition, and the people using it observe the basic safety rules, there should not be a high risk of injury or even death.

Peter Tan

The risk assessments on sports facilities in schools may not be sufficiently rigorous. Schools should ask themselves what are the possible incidents that could cause injury to students... We need to know how kids would behave when using the facilities.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Is organic food healthier? What are the factors stopping people from eating such food?

The only thing organic food gives you is bragging rights... Organic food is a marketing move and nothing more.

Joey Sim

Frankly, it's your mindset. If you think it is,then it is.

Sangha Vandana

In the high-yield crop cultivation required to meet demand today, the use of pesticides has become a necessity... I find it difficult to believe that large-scale organic farming does not use chemical fertilisers and pesticides at all... I will not pay for organic produce which cannot guarantee that these were not used.

Edwin Sim

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