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Which would be more effective in creating a healthier society - subsidies on health screening or on healthy food?

Subsidies on healthy food would be much better. Prevention is better than cure. It would encourage more people to pick the healthier choice if it results in greater savings too. Our diet affects our health and, for this, we have a choice. Let not the day come when our health actually influences our diet.

Jacelyn Chia

Health screening subsidy. Eating healthy food doesn't mean you will not contract a virus or disease. Think about people with hereditary issues too.

Ervina Tan

How much of a subsidy are we talking about? Most foods are healthy if we have them in moderation.

Siti Nuraziza

How do you control stress from work? This is a big contributing factor, not just healthy eating or health screenings.

Chi Wai Lee

Should there be different categories for car licences, depending on the engine capacity? Will this help to reduce accidents?

There is a reason why Class 2 motorcycle licences are split into three tiers, so that people don't kill themselves on a 1,000cc motorbike when they have no prior experience handling that much power. The same should apply to cars, where higher-end models generally have more torque and horsepower. Experience cannot be bought.

Norman Hong Yao Doo

It's not the car, it's the driver.

Travis Lin

But there are drivers who drive a Prius like it is a Lamborghini. So no point.

Derrick Eng There should be different categories of driving licences - relating to the type/skill of drivers.

Dave Thevah

Road safety is a mindset. It's not something which can be instilled with a licence.

Stella Cheong

Let's start with cyclists as many are becoming maniacs on pavements.

Jack Klu Soh

Should certain blocks of HDB flats be set aside as home offices? What are the pros and cons of this?

A home office is specifically that: an office in one's home. Does this mean that all who want a home office have to move into those blocks just to have an office?

And if not, why should the rules be more lax there? Doesn't an occupier in such a block deserve the same right as residents to peace and quiet? This is not about noisy manufacturing. A home office can be operated quietly.

Mathias Korber

Better not. We don't know what kind of "office" buildings they will turn into. HDB blocks are built for residential purposes.

Lai Yin Lee

Would the rental rates be under residential units or office units?

Lloyd Sam

What can be done to ensure a smooth transition for students whose schools are being merged?

Be focused, act quickly and maintain a positive attitude so that schools can conclude the year on a high note for the students.

Sangha Vandana

Maybe now the classes can be smaller since there are more teachers.

Siti Nor'aini A S

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