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How can Singaporeans play a part in attracting visitors to the country?

Always lend a helping hand when tourists ask for directions. Go the extra mile in showing them Singapore hospitality. Be friendly and smile, as you are representing your country.

Clarice Viola Pereira

Be respectful, when overseas. Engage the people there. When asked about Singapore, do not put our country down. At home, be polite and not judgmental.

Harry Chia

Integrate tourist attractions into public housing areas, since we have been investing substantially in maintaining clean and beautiful estates.

ShuZhong Chen

You start with your grumpy taxi drivers. These people are the first locals the tourists meet, and most of the time, the experiences are not nice.

Kanor Cado

A writer suggests that children with special needs can wear a GPS device to track them in case they go missing. Do you agree? What else can be done to help children in such situations?

Very good idea... a tracker in the form of a bracelet or pendant would be good.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Not just children with special needs. Elderly folk with dementia could also benefit from using a GPS tracker.

Solomon Tan

Maybe some funds can be allocated for research and development, taking into consideration feedback from parents.

Jessica Choo-Tan

GPS has its limitations. The children will not be detected if they are underground or deep within a building.

Siah Jin Kim

At least let them wear a name tag with contact details, so people can call their parents.

Joyce Ch

Should serious learning be the priority in primary schools? Do birthday parties have a place in school?

I agree. Primary school is formal schooling. Subjects take priority... Security is also tighter and it is not advisable to have the guard handle parents who bring birthday cakes.

Lai Yin Lee

Birthday celebrations in school can cultivate children's ability to feel happy for other people. This can teach them empathy. What other times can children mingle with one another outside school?

Pei Sze Goh

Why not have a simple monthly class birthday celebration during recess? It doesn't eat up class time, and teaches the children to socialise and that life isn't just solely about studying, results and report books.

Chong Zhi Hao

Is Orchard Road "kind of boring"? What can be done to inject new life into the area?

If Orchard Road's shops can provide price/availability exclusivity, then people will flock to the place... "New" always attracts people; it plays on their curiosity.

Sanjay Venkatesan

Maybe have something fantastic, like a man-made stream or river, or underground museum with glass roof right under Orchard Road. Hold themed events and change the theme every couple of months.

Tirzah Lembayung Fecher

Create an app for Orchard sellers to sell certain wares. The catch is buyers have to pick up these wares at the stores. Hopefully when they go down to collect, other items at the store would catch their eye and they buy them.

Decry Hardiyanto Bin Zaidi

There is nothing boring about Orchard Road per se, other than competition from new sources and greedy landlords driving up the cost of goods and services there. The landlords are slowly killing their golden goose.

David Eaw

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