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Is it more important to have responsible bar owners or responsible drinkers?

It's our personal responsibility to behave, know our limits, and pose no inconvenience or danger to anyone, including ourselves.

Margeratta Daniel

The most important factor is the police. Conduct random checks, especially on weekends, to nab drunken drivers.

Aaronringo Chow

Bar owners are responsible to the extent of ensuring that their customers do not create a ruckus.

Harry Chia

This is like asking cigarette sellers to limit the number of packets they sell or asking drink sellers to limit the number of soft drinks sold. Profit overrides everything.

Lin Kay

Let me rephrase this... Is it more important to have responsible restaurant owners or diners? What can be done to prevent potential obesity problems?

Dina Hamma

Will increasing seating capacity in hawker centres help to tackle "choping"? What about patrons dining alone or in pairs?

The root cause of the problem is kiasuism and lack of graciousness, not a lack of capacity.

David Eaw

We should learn from McDonald's - have small tables that can seat two or three people.

John Tang

Offer discounts for takeaways and bigger discounts to those who use their own containers.

Alderline Wong

Have tall tables with no chairs for people to stand and eat, like in Japan. Those who are rushing can use these and nobody will hang around to chit-chat.

Yeong Sheau Shyan

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