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Could an apprentice programme save our hawker culture from dying out?

Being a hawker is tough... You wake up at 2am, take a cab to the hawker centre, prepare the ingredients, stock and meat... You are at the wok all day - so hot and stuffy. You chop and cut, and clean your stall before you end your day.

Once you are home, you prepare the condiments for the next day, and sleep at midnight. It is hard-earned money.

So why should the millennials become hawkers? They have better and more comfortable careers elsewhere, though they may earn less than a popular hawker.

Sangha Vandana

Good food takes more than culinary skills and knowledge. Many times, it's the heart and pride in their creation. How are we going to put that in a repository?

Ian Goh

Better to regulate commercial rentals. Deflate the market prices for housing, water, electricity and other necessities... Make living in Singapore affordable for Singaporeans who may want to choose careers like this over the Shenton Way rat race.

Dare Chia The rents are so high and the hours are so long. Running a one-man operation is tough, but hiring another person will add to the expenditure.

Lai Yin Lee

Should more be done to hide urban sights and sounds at the Botanic Gardens?

If you really want to hide urban sights and sounds, you might probably have to limit the number of visitors.

Siah Jin Kim

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