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Do children's use of electronic devices cut into family bonding time? What other concerns are there from such a habit? How can parents moderate their children's use of gadgets?

Put down the smartphone, have a conversation, read a book or enjoy a movie night together; it beats being a social media zealot. It's sad when we finally look up from the phone - and find ourselves sitting among strangers.

Sheryl Ang

With technology, people do not know how to communicate with humans any more. They tend to be rude, self-centred, with no thought for others.

Josephine Chan

This is the reason why more and more children are unable to communicate in a conversation. I also notice that their handwriting has become worse. I hope schools encourage reading and writing.

Jane Gomez

Our youth need structure to become disciplined and responsible citizens. There's a campaign to set aside electronic devices for family time in Australia. Family is about bonding... and it takes a lifetime.

Kent Simon

Will having a pay-per-use scheme help to reduce water consumption? What are the pros and cons of this?

Different households have different needs. What may be excessive for one could be essential for another. Education is the key.

Harry Chia

I have a special needs son who wets the bed almost every night (even with diapers). I need to do laundry every day. Am I going to be penalised for that?

Siti Nor'aini A S

Pay per use means those who don't have much money may start showering once a week, drink less water, wash their hands less, brush their teeth less, do less laundry. Food vendors may use less water to clean their food or dishes, too. It's very unhygenic.

CSmith Smith

Why not just impose more restrictions for those condos with massive swimming pools and water features? These really waste water massively.

Joon Nee

Water meters are more common in the UK. I don't know if it has changed attitudes or not. I know I'd think more carefully about using water now.

Tim Ellis

Do philosophical questions have a practical use? Should such discussions be held in schools?

That's the whole point about Singapore's attitude towards education: The question always revolves around "Is it practical? Can it make more money?".

We forget what is human and the human experience, and risk becoming soulless. We have neglected how our values, knowledge and attitudes are shaped by various forces.

Tan Yan Chong

It's good as long as it's not graded and the professor has an open mind. It encourages students to explore issues from different perspectives.

Eugene Chuang

It is all about having brave masterminds to lead the discussions. Philosophy is the foundation to everything.

Angelina Duong

Chinese, Indian and Islamic philosophers were arguably the ancient world's greatest thinkers. I think a programme to cover some historical philosophical thinkers might not be a bad idea.

Chris Su

How should pet owners balance their needs with those of others in the neighbourhood? What are the hallmarks of responsible pet ownership?

Dogs need freedom and exercise. A responsible pet owner should send his pet for obedience training. Regardless of how busy he is, he should walk his dog daily.

Sangha Vandana

Leave a dog alone all day in the house, and this will take its toll on its mental state.

Peter Tan

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