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Are banks doing enough to help their elderly customers? What more can they do to help especially those suffering from cognitive decline?

How about setting up a counter reserved for seniors or people with special needs?

Liu INan

Many elderly folk will go to the bank tellers because they don't trust the ATMs and online transactions. I think banks will need to set up services near facilities like polyclinics.

Nat Hoei

How many tellers are able to spot cognitive decline in the elderly? Even some doctors can't tell with all certainty. But it is definitely good to have a trained staff member helping the elderly.

Angie Lim

Many people overlook the importance of securing a Lasting Power of Attorney. I think banks can do more to create awareness of its importance. A simple way would be to send out brochures and relevant forms to targeted customers and have specially trained staff available to aid in the application process.

Evelyn Phun

Will the impending hike in water prices lead to profiteering by some businesses? How can consumers protect themselves?

The impending price hike may not necessarily affect the margins of businesses but some may take this opportunity to increase their prices. Consumers do not have a choice when everyone is adjusting prices upwards.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Many businesses raise prices once an opportunity presents itself. Customers have a choice: patronise or avoid. It's our only defence against profiteering.

James Wang

No way that we can avoid profiteering, unless we eat at home more.

Lai Yin Lee

Everything requires water... As long as it adds to the cost of operations, this cost will most likely be passed on to consumers. It is not just a simple rise in drink and hawker food prices. The prices of everything will rise.

Yap Boon Kok

What are some practical ways to cut down on meat? Are plant-based protein sources easily accessible?

As long as there is demand, there will be supply... You need meat to balance your diet. Vegetarians who refrain from meat should take protein supplements to compensate for the deficiency.

Sangha Vandana

To avoid meat totally will only cause a deficiency in vitamin B12.

Stephen F.Y. Teng

I think we eat too much carbohydrates - all the rice and noodles for each meal.

Mingli Lin

Whatever the reasons for cutting down on meat, the authorities should not impose a tariff on meat imports. Do not deny Singaporeans the freedom of food choice. Educate them on eating in moderation instead.

Harry Chia

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