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How can the authorities encourage those from low-income households to go for regular health screenings and seek follow-up treatment?

Many do go for health screenings but after getting the results, they don't bother to get further advice as they are either in denial or just don't bother to continue with medication. Education is the key in getting them to be serious about their health.

Siti Nor'aini A S

If you barely have enough to put food on the table, going for health checks and subsequent consultations, and paying for monthly medication are not possible.

Elizabeth Tan

For the needy, ignorance is bliss, as far as their health is concerned. Even with subsidies, costs can be high and never-ending with follow-up treatments, so not knowing is best.

So, yes, some kind of funding is good - administered by town councils and closely followed up by volunteers.

Harry Chia

Allow the use of Medisave (to fully pay for general health screenings).

Felicia Chew

Make it compulsory for companies to pay for low-income staff's medical check-ups and to cover medical fees up to a certain amount.

Xiao Zhang

What caused the decline of football in Singapore? How can we, as fans, help rejuvenate the sport?

The answer is simple. It is the lack of commitment to giving the resources to develop the sport here. This goes as far back as the 1980s.

It has to be enormous... billions of dollars, land, talent, culture, and so much more.

Colin Chee

Anything that doesn't make money here cannot survive. Football is not the only victim, there are also others such as F1, table tennis and swimming.

Pat Eng

Do what China is doing to football: Pump in resources to attract stars to the game and the stadium will fill up.

Thomas Leong

Football needs good leadership and inspiring (players) to thrive.

Colin Barrett Robertson

We can't be good at everything. If there aren't any good potential players or interested players... then just let it be.

We don't have to import players to create pride for the country.

We have limited resources... Face the fact and we will be fine.

Rick Law

What are the pros and cons of harvesting edible fruit and vegetables on public land? Should the authorities allow this, if it is for personal consumption?

Might as well let people harvest the fruits, rather than have them fall to the ground and go to waste.

Theo De Roza

Harvest the fruits and give them to a foster-care home or orphanage.

Nuri Iko

If we allow people to pluck and forage, we will never see fruits on the trees. Even the branches will be ripped off. Leave them alone. At least this will allow others a chance to admire the fruits even if they cannot taste them.

Margaret Chong

There must be some rules, otherwise everyone will be scrambling to get to the fruits even before they are ripe for the picking.

Peter Tan

Tender to contractors to harvest the fruits, vegetables and flowers for sale. Town councils can make some money from this and reduce conservancy charges.

Jaichandra Ramanujam

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