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Should the practice of reserving seats at hawker centres be abolished?

This is antisocial behaviour... if everyone would just eat and leave, there would be no need to "chope" tables, as the turnaround time is reduced.

Anthony Goh

If there were no tissue paper choping of seats, there would be a person there doing the same. It makes no difference - you still would not be able to take that seat.

Tsu Teo

I think it is an ingenious way of getting guaranteed seats and shows how cooperative Singaporeans are towards this unique system.

It happens only in the central business district and is perfectly understandable, as the workers are rushed for time.

Vicky Chong

I think the chope culture has to be reasonable. If one person reserves two or three seats, most people can accept that. If one reserves 10 to 15 seats, that is unreasonable.

Colin Chee

There is nothing antisocial about this practice. In fact, if you eat at Marche, it provides signs for customers to reserve their seats while they get their food.

I find it a uniquely Singaporean and civil way to tell others you got there first and are coming back soon with your food... I am quite proud when Singaporeans quietly and politely abide by this simple, silent rule.

Justine Toh

Is it a good idea to align pre-school fees with primary school fees and to bring them under mainstream education financing?

There are two different options being mixed up here:

First, pre-schools, which offer playgroup/nursery/kindergarten sessions for about three hours daily and close during school holidays, usually charge a couple of hundred dollars monthly.

Second, childcare centres, which operate from early morning to early evening, throughout holidays, and offer meals and extensive activities; hence, their ever-rising fees.

Subsidies of a few hundred dollars are available. To suggest that childcare centre fees ($700-$800) be at the level of primary school fees ($6.50, capped at $13) sounds unfeasible - how will these centres afford their staff and resources?

Patricia Rozario

Let parents use their CPF for infant-care and childcare needs. It is their own money; if the Government subsidises too much, taxpayers who don't benefit from the scheme would be against it.

Jess Lee

There are full-day childcare centres whose fees range from $300 after subsidy.

Panna Nana

Parents who want specialised programmes or extensive facilities should be prepared to pay and not expect the state to subsidise them.

Umm Yusof

A writer says that unlike drink driving, where offenders can be caught, those who drive while sleep deprived can only be educated on the danger. How can the risk posed by sleepy drivers be lessened?

Caning and a week in jail will teach them not to sleep when driving.

Alexus Chan

Stop your vehicle. Park in a safe place. Take a stroll, and if there is a coffee shop, order a cup of kopi-o. Do not sleep inside your vehicle with the engine and air-con turned on... you risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sangha Vandana

We used to have the Park & Ride scheme. Now we should have "Park & Sleep"!

Decry Hardiyanto Bin Zaidi

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