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What can be done to ensure Singapore remains a top regional medical hub?

Let's start by enhancing our reputation for medical research. It has been plagued recently, and doing this would give us more credibility as a regional medical hub.

- Nicole Tan

Singapore is already a top regional medical hub. A significant number of foreigners are already utilising medical services. Maybe the solution is to continue pursuing the current strategy even more aggressively. 

- Marc Wang

I suggest making medical fees more affordable. Healthcare packages may also not be ideal in enticing foreigners to use our services here, as they would have to consider the costs and the professional services in their own countries.

Furthermore, it may not always be the case that all patients use the same components in such packages.

Several medical cost components should be benchmarked, and mandated price ranges should be set for all medical and dental services.

- Chee Leong

A writer says that today's "strawberry generation" is much tougher and more resilient than it is given credit for. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Each generation will face its own set of challenges and problems. Today's youth will have to adapt and change. But what has never changed is the need to be hard-working and have a positive attitude towards life.

- Jeff Yeo

The fact that our forefathers endured times of war and turmoil did make them much more resilient in their early years, while we, blessed to have been born in a time of peace and stability, may need more time to become resilient to life's challenges.

My point is: Let's not be too concerned about how our youth are like now. Rest assured, they will one day grow up to be just like how you are now.

- Bunny Chan

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