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Will roping in housewives and grandmothers help improve the quality of infant care here?

Not all grandmothers and housewives are competent enough to handle a few babies at a time.

They can be roped in as relief help. If they are keen to work, they should be trained, certified fit and have the aptitude for such work.

Wong Woon Chian

Parents should spend more time bonding with their babies. Leaving them under the care of housewives and grandparents is as good as leaving them with their maids.

Also, their style of childcare may be different.

Sangha Vandana

Getting housewives and grandmothers can be a good idea but they will need to go for some form of training. Overall, their experience will greatly help the caregiving environment. They have to work hand in hand with the teachers too.

Juju Kwan

Perhaps we should pay grandparents to look after their own grandchildren also.

Jaichandra Ramanujam

Is it possible to stamp out smoking altogether? Should the authorities aim towards such a goal?

It will never happen. The revenue forfeited is too much of a loss to the Government.

Patrick Tan

Then let us ban sugar too. No cakes and soft drinks means no diabetes, right?

Prem Muniandy

If the Government wants to impose higher taxes or restrict smokers to a few specific smoking areas, I am all for it. But to deny people their basic right to consume what they want is not fair at all.

Kasim Hansia

If a person claims that he has the right to smoke, then a non-smoker has the right to not inhale second-hand smoke too. There are other people's lives at stake.

Suzan G. Tang Tang

Is it helpful for parents to go for tuition? What are the pros and cons of such a move?

The role of teaching lies solely with the teachers, not the parents. The teachers are empowered to take ownership of students' academic development.

Parents should take on the role of encouraging and facilitating the children in their learning journey.

Heimi Oo

Whenever my children ask me for help in their studies, I always say "Go ask your teacher" - and they are now doing very well in their studies. It is important that children learn to be proactive and self-reliant and not be spoon-fed.

Lee Lai Lai Amy

It is a good idea only for those running the tuition courses.

Raymond Cheung

Only if the lessons can be paid for using SkillsFuture credits.

Lai Yin Lee

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